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Solved Publishing to App Catalog

I had a quick question. I have been getting ready to stand up an Application catalog database within admin studio and I was looking to use a Git repository, but after much research I am left with two quick questions.   Can I use Git as a repository f...

sanderson by Level 2 Flexeran
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Solved Headless adminstudio host service?

Hello,The adminstudiohost.exe application must be running to start the API listening services.Is it possible to start this application headless (daemonized) so interactive login is not required for the user context it must run under? Any recommendati...

dhannon by Level 2
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Solved Repackager

Hi, A customer asked me the following:  Lately, Anti-Virus software is blocking our installs.  He made a small project using the MSI packager and it worked fine.  He believes the Repackager can help him convert the two dozen or so large installs he h...

SonnyLee by Level 3 Flexeran
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Solved Re: Where are the Package Feed Modules setup files hosted?

One of my clients was asking if the applications in the Package Feed Module were FedRAMP compliant. Given the applications are hosted on AWS and that is FedRAMP compliant,  would it be safe to assume the answer to my clients questions is yes, the app...

Creating Application Catalog

Hi There,I have just installed AdminStudio and am having the following error message when trying to create the Application Catalogue as advised in this youtube video - TCP error (10013: A...

AdminStudio license file

I have requested access to the License Center but have not received a response. How can I tell who will be granting that access?

Solved App Catalog

Is it possible to set up the App Catalog without an SQL database? And if we were to set-up with SQL express could we still use it with the Package Feed Module?

sanderson by Level 2 Flexeran
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