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Is it possible to package Mac applications using admin stuo. We have the Enterprise license with us.

We have purchased admin studio enterprise license . Currently using install shield and repackager for Windows packaging. Is it possible to package Mac apps using admin studio? Please confirm.
Please provide the knowledge base document for the same.
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Technical Writer
Technical Writer

AdminStudio is used, among other things, to repackage Windows applications. If you are trying to create an installer for Mac (and Unix platforms) then you would want to look at InstallAnywhere. 

The full set of documentation for InstallAnywhere is linked to below:

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AdminStudio as a product does support Mac. Most notably, its Package Feed Module  provides latest information and downloads for over 100 Mac installers. Installers can be managed and published to Jamf. However, "repackaging" does not apply to Mac so that aspect of the suite is not applicable. You can however import applications from the store, verify security settings and customize Pkg installers.

If there is a specific use case you have in mind, please share!  

Can we capture a dmg install and covert to pkg installer as in Casper tool for packaging? Please confirm
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Could you please provide the link to the documents to install and setup the package feed module. 

> We have installed admin studio enterprise on Server 2016.

>What are the other components that needs to be installed to set up the package feed module.

Please help me to setup the environment

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Package Feed Module does not require any additional components to be installed. This module will be available with AdminStudio's default installation, however you have to set up application catalog to see and use this module. 

Package Feed is an optional module available on top of AdminStudio Enterprise and Professional. You will need a separate activation code to activate Package Feed Module. 

Just be sure you are on AdminStudio 2019 R2. Package Feed Module was introduced in this version of AdminStudio. 

This article should help you to spot Package Feed in AdminStudio and how to use it:

Please go the last page on this document and look for the title - 'Activating Package Feed Module'. This topic will be help you understand how to activate Package Feed Module:

I hope this helps.


While there are many other features in the product to support Mac packages, but functionality to repackage dmg to pkg is not currently available in the product.


Thanks for the quick response.

If I have to customize, for example a Google chrome installer to suppress the default browser pop up, I have to edit the master preference file which gets installed on the machine....can this type of customizations like editing the file, adding the file to installation be done through package feed module by editing the PKG file?
Please confirm.
As per my understanding, .pkg can be customized to install silently . Other customization like first user experiences can be done through package feed module...please confirm
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Today Package Feed helps you to keep yourself updated with the new versions/updates of the products whenever released, by giving you access to more than 3100 installers for the latest version of the supported products along with QA tested, version specific command line switches and setup download capability.

For Mac packages, Package Feed limits itself to help you acquire Mac packages for the supported products and does not offer the kind of customization you are looking for, at this point. We plan to add ability to make customization to the installers in the near future but that would be primarily for Windows Installers to begin with. The level of customization that AdminStudio offers today for Mac packages is to help you make choices to customize the installation behavior of various install-able components within a pkg file. Please refer here for more details.


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To clarify, AdminStudio does have the ability to open and edit the choices.xml file within a .pkg file to make customizations for those types of package.

More information for the current version of AdminStudio can be found here:

The Package Feed Module provides macOS packages in the .DMG file format. DMG files are not editable by AdminStudio at this time.

Both .PKG and .DMG files can be imported into the AdminStudio Application Catalog and deployed to Jamf Pro/Casper.

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1. Once the .pkg is customized. Is it possible to download the package and deploy using intune. We do not have JAMF Pro. Please confirm.

2. Is Admin Studio 2019 R2 Enterprise license different from the package feed module activation code. Should we purchase it sepratly?

3. Can we get the support from Flexera team to set the Admin Studio infrastructure with all these modules for Wipro?

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1. You can certainly take what you build in AdminStudio and deploy it via any systems management solution, but we do not have direct hand off to Intune today. However, it is high on our priority list and I have confidence we'll release such support the first half of this year. 

2. Yes, Package Feed Module is an optional subscription and requires a different license to activate. 

3. Of course we are happy to help with any issues you have, please open a ticket with any challenges you face. Our services teams do offer implementation services, but I think you will find the setup of AdminStudio and Package Feed Module very straight forward. If you have AdminStudio configured today with a database (where you are able to run reports) then all you need is an activation key to unlock full access to Package Feed Module (there is no additional setup necessary). 

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Thank  you for the quick response.

SO for MAC packaging, we have to purchase this optional component "Package feed Module"?

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No, "Package Feed Module" would get you direct access to many Mac packages, but if you already have Mac packages you are working with, you may do so as a native capability of AdminStudio
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We will be getting the MAC installers from our client for packaging. All I need to know , Is package feed module mandatory for editing the pkg installer or it is only meant to download the installer and provide the silent switches. If tats the case, we can skip this module purchase and establish the Application catalog environment to customize the pkg installer. Please help me to understand the mandatory components required in admin 2019 R2 for MAC packaging. We have enterprise license with us..


>Install SQL 2016

>Install Admin Studio 2019 R2 & activate



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You do not need Package Feed Module to customize pkg installers. You can do that right now using the documentation link shared earlier.