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Why application Manager fails to update database ?

I installed AdminStudio 2018 cleanly on a new Windows 8 computer.  I had previously been running AdminStudio 2016 on a Windows 7 computer.

My database team moved the old Application Manager database from an old 2008 R2 server running SQL Server 2010 R2 to a new Server 2016 server running SQL 2018

When I launch Application Manager, it tells me it needs to update the database and I say 'go forth and upgrade" (i.e. I click Yes when it asks me if I want to upgrade now).

It says "Upgrading to Target Application Catalog 'server/instance name'"

Then "Upgrading existing schema of Target Application catalog 'server/instance name'"

Then "AdminStudio Application Catalog upgrade failed".

At this point it is locked up and I have to kill the app through Task Manager.

Please advise how to troubleshoot what is causing the upgrade to fail.

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It appears there is a known issue with upgrading the schema with an earlier version of AdminStudio 2018 as documented here in the Product Knowledge Base. Can you install the latest version of AdminStudio (2019 R2)? 

Failing that, there is some help in the documentation you can reference here including a note about required permissions, but I suspect troubleshooting further will require some interaction best handled via a support case. Please open a ticket above, under "Get Support".