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WFM 5.0 running slowly

Has anyone else found that the more applications you get entered in Workflow Manager that it is taking much longer to navigate within the tool?

For instance, if from the home screen (Workflow Manager tab) if I display "partially assigned application requests" and then click "more" my results may take up to 2 minutes to return. I have about 500 applications in WFM. Is there any overhead caused by log files or any other activitiy that I can disable?

I can not find any locks or slow downs at the DB level and nothing on the application server either.

Any help or suggestions would be appreciated!
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Hi There,

I'm not aware of anything specific, but this sounds like a job for SQL Profiler. Can you run a trace, and see what the timestamps on the events look like?

My suspicion is that this is somehow tied in with queries against one of a few tables:


But, give it a shot and if you can't find an obvious culprit to regenerate indexes against, I would reach out to Technical Support for assistance.

Hope this helps!


We had a similar problem where someone created an Activity report to return every piece of Activity data within Workflow Manager.

Every time it ran it was eating all the CPU on the Web Server and slowing things down dramatically, (99% CPU on the IIS thread.)
Thanks for the info. I should have some time to look into it today.