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Tuner for Acrobat 6.0.1

I've created an MST file using the InstallShield Tuner for Acrobat 6.0.1. I'm trying to manage the deployment of the reader, not the full product.

In the Tuner I shutoff the Update feature under Application Configuration, Preferences, Update tab and check both boxes. I save the MST and re-open and these boxes are still checked.

When I attempt to install I use the command

msiexec /i "Adobe Reader 6.0.1.msi" TRANSFORMS="Adobe Reader 6.0.1.mst" /l*v %TEMP%\reader6.log /qn

and no errors occur. I check the log file and it found the MST and processes it without errors. When I launch the reader the "MONTHLY" auto-updates is still selected (it should read "MANUAL").

I see 3 possiblities:
This GUI selection doesn't update the setting I think it does
I have a bad MSIEXEC command-line
The Tuner is not generating approiate MST values to match the GUI selection.

Any ideas? Any work around to shutoff the automatic updates in reader?
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A simple workaround would be to snapshot the changes that happen in the registry when you deselect that option then put these into your package.
Thanks for the option. I've currently completed modifying the MSI directly and it seems to have taken. I'm still disappointed that I can't get the standard method to work instead of relying on these workarounds.