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Multiple same install

By Level 11 Flexeran
Level 11 Flexeran
Hi All,

It's my first come here...

First, excuse me for my sentences : I'm French and I garantee you that I will make efforts...

Second, thanks a lot of all of your solutions on the Community : those greatly helped me.

Third : I'm IT Consulting on packaging solution since 8 years yet.

I have a simple task :

For a big client (+10000 PC), I must make a package with 3 modules inside (3 features) : the application is constitued with 3 individually executables.
On installation, the user is able to choice one feature and only one to install.

But I must give the ability to this user to relaunch the original installation to permit his to choice another module to install : then on his PC he would find 2 modules of his application.

Is this possible with AdminStudio 5.02 ?

Actually, the first installation of one module at choice work fine and I do desactived Modify Option to Control Panel/Add Remove because when the user go to Add/Remove he want to uninstall entirely the application.

Thank to your reply.
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I would suggest that you create a user interface with three radio buttons. One for each feature. When the user selects one change the Installlevel for that feature to be less than the global Installlevel (usually 100) and the other two to be greater than the global install level. The install level of a feature specifies whether or not it will be installed. So only one mutually exclusive feature will be installed.

Then in add/remove programs make sure that the modify button is enabled. This would allow the end user to run through the user interface again and change his selection. I suppose if he changed his selection at this point you would have to remove the exisitng feature. You could do this by using the REMOVE property.

No need to excuse yourself by the way. Your english is very good.