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Transform for Blackberry DM


I have extracted the Blackberry MSI from the setup. Along with MSI, 5 language ini files and an ISSCript.msi (Installscript engine 7) file are extracted.
I created a transform and set the property ISSETUPDRIVEN =1 in the transform.

I installed the ISscript.msi, which was extracted from the setup.exe file.
After that when i tried to install the msi along with the transform. I am getting an error

"Error number 0x80040706
Object reference can not set"

I created the log file and check for the error. it is mention that "Installscript engine version is adequate"

Anyone came across this kind of issue....

Please, help me to resolve.....

Deva :confused:
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You will have to deploy the InstallScript Engine in order for the package to work as their maybe some InstallScript related custom actions in the package. You may want to try and download the InstallScript Engine Merge Module from the Download Center on Macrovision's website and add that to the msi package via a Transform. I would start there and see if that works.. 🙂

Thanks for the update..
I have installed ISScript.msi for Install script Engine 7

Anyway, I will try to include the merge module for Installscript engine in the Transform and get back to you

Deva 😮
Where can I get the Installscript Engine 7 merge module..
Hi Neeru,


I got the Merge module from

Deva 🙂