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Training required for simple repackaging?

I am wondering whether training would be required, or whether I could self-learn, for the use of AdminStudio JUST to (1) repackage about a dozen SIMPLE InstallScript msi apps into basic msi apps (I have the Installshield projects for these), and (2) repackage moderately complex third-party setups (I only have their setup packages; no InstallShield project files). If it's a straightforward process then maybe I can get by with reading the user's manual. I'm not sure the company will pay for formal training.

Repackaging is all I'm interested in. I have plenty of InstallShield experience, but have never used AdminStudio. The 5-day class offered by Acresso seems like overkill for this, but maybe I'm simplifying what really needs to be learned.

Advice, anyone?

Thanks for your input!
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I took the 5 day when my company purchased Admin studio. Coming from a Novell Zenworks background for packaging apps, 5 days isn't enough IMO.

Since you had some installshield experience, some things may be review (the logic of an MSI for example), but there is more practice that I do now that was never covered in the class, especially if you're planning to use the Enterpirse version of Admin Studio.

Good luck.