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TWAIN Scanner driver package hell

I am trying to package the Fujitsu TWAIN Scanner Utility and all available drivers for version 9.21.245.

First I tried to user the Driver Wizard to select my .inf files that appear in the Windows\fjmini directory by default. This does not work because the Wizard does not look past the folder the inf file is in for it's asscoiated DLL that are in the .cab files in the same directory.
I then tried to extract the DLL's to complete tthe driver wizard. However, instead of creating a pckage install going back to Windows\fjmini, it created it's own component and own file structure under the windows directory (i.e. Windows\Scanner 1, Windows\Scanner2 etc).

Scraping the wizard entirely, I used Repackager (snapshot), to create my irp, then my ism, and finally my msi. However no matter what I try I now get the "Failed Windows XP Logo validation as soon as I connect a scanner to the workstation to actually install the driver.
I am sure this is because the [installdir] is not correct and Repackager put the last direcotry created in the setup as the default install directory. However I have changed it to the directory where the inf files for the Fujitsu are, to the base inf files, to the default windows directory, to the Program files directory where the application is, with variing undesired results. The install will work but I need to clear this nusance error.

Thanks in advance
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Where does the Fujitsu place the files by default in its native install? It should not put any files other then an INF, PNF and maybe an ADM file in the INF folder. So the quesiton is where does it actually put the files?

If you know this you can duplicate the driver setup using the driver wizard. But the files need to end up in thier right places. The Inf will tell you some and a simple system search for each file can fill in the blanks.
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