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Support for Server 2022 and/or SQL 2022


Does anyone know if AS 2022 SP1 supports SQL 2022 and works on Server 2022 ?

Thank you..

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AdminStudio 2022 SP 1, is supported on Windows Server 2022. 
You can find this and all of the system requirement information in the AdminStudio release notes. The release notes are available in the Documentation Center, linked below: 

Documentation Center:

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Hi,  Thanks, but the documentation only refers up to Server & SQL 2019, hence my question..

Hi @stevemba 

AdminStudio 2022 SP1 was tested on Windows Server 2022 and it works all good on Windows Server 2022. You could see Windows Server 2022 mentioned in the System Requirements topic of the installation guide:

 SQL 2022 was released (November 2022) after AdminStudio 2022 SP1 was released (28th July 2022), so there was no way to test AdminStudio 2022 SP1 with SQL Server 2022. Later, however, AdminStudio 2022 SP1 was smoke tested with SQL Server 2022 and there were no issues found during smoke testing.