Re: Start Menu Icons Missing After Converting to .MSI

Ajay Ladsaria wrote:
Hi Jordan,

It wasn't clear from your response whether you have applied the hotfix - so could you confirm if you have? If it doesn't resolve the issue, then we recommend contacting our support team. They should be able to work with you to try and reproduce and troubleshoot the problem. Since each installation package is different we would need to test with the one with which you are encountering the problem.


Hi Ajay,

I have applied the hotfix however, the problem still remains when we are converting packages that have multiple shortcuts.

Legion SpaceWorks for example has 9 different shortcuts (please see attachment) yet, we cannot find the correct icons for each shortcut within the newly packaged .msi

Is there a work around for this? It is becoming highly frustrating as there is no clear guidance for this issue.

Many thanks,

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