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Installation Command Line Variable/Regkey to disable Customer Experience Program

Hi All,

As above, I'm looking to build a script to run a silent install of Adminstudio on a few machines in our network and one of the complaints has been the guys don't want to be prompted to participate into the Customer Experience Improvement Program/CEIP (I know right?!).

I haven't been able to trace any regkeys that change when I pick yes/no for the first time, so I was wondering if there is a command line variable like the 'installdir_shared' one for example that can be passed in during installation and deselect the CEIP?

Any help appreciated.

Kind Regards,

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no one has any idea about this one? any suggestions to point in the right direction? :confused:
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The registry keys that control this appear to be under HKLM\SOFTWARE\InstallShield\AdminStudio\UserSettings. 1stRunCEIP, MemberCEIP, RemindCEIP. On my installation when I toggle the option in settings, it sets the MemberCEIP value to 0 to disable it.
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