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Shortcut Problem ??

I have a Shortcut problem. I have a finished MSI file and if i distribute this i should see on the desktop 2 icons with symbols. however, you only see 2 icons without symbols they only appears if you start the program the first time.
Thx for Help
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The Shortcuts are copyed first before the files are on the computer. So he can find no linkage. How can I do that the Shortcuts only copyed after the files are on the computer?
Sorry for my English.

Thx for help.
I find no solution.
-open MSI
-go to shortcuts check for icons
-if present ;if not present add icons
go to direct editor
go to icon table
and check if icons have an .ico or .exe extension (ICE 50)
if icons aren't displayed correctly then download a free icon explorer and rip icons and put them in the MSI

why .lnk files are sequenced (if that is the problem) earlier then your executables?
I'm also a beginning packager so the fine lines are the hot for me but the icon story should at least for Installshield 10.5

greetings and good luck