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repack.exe crashes.


I've ran into problem with Repackager on Oracle VM Virtual Box machine. when I'm trying to "analyze the  initial system status" on clean OS,  Repackager crashes and closes unexpectedly. 

Event viewer shows general error on .exe and .dll. see attached

I've done troubleshooting that I've found on forums:

-  reverted machine to clean state, reinstalled adminstudio

-  installed additional vc++ redistributables

any suggestions?

AdminStudio 11.5 SP2


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Hi @zpleire ,

AdminStudio 11.5 was released in 2012 and officially supported up to Windows 7. It looks like you're running the Repackager on a current version of Windows 10.

While Repackager may work on this version of Windows, it was never designed nor tested to support it.  AdminStudio 11.5 dropped out of extended support in mid-2016, so we don't have further guidance for you other than we'd recommend you look at the current version of AdminStudio for preparing applications for deployment within your environment.

Thanks for your post.

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