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Settings rights on a folder?!?!?

Is there a way to create a basic msi package that does the following?

Changes the rights on C:\Winnt\Installer; C:\Winnt\Temp;

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Yes, you should be able to.

In the Developer tool create a basic MSI project, specify the name and version. Add one feature and one component. Create the Folders in the Files View.

Select the Component that was associated with the folders and then set the permissions for the folders. Let me know, if this helps.

I've done exactly what you mentioned yet I get two errors during my build stating that there are no files in the project. It does build but I get an error from Windows Installer when I attempt to run the installation.

Can you please send me the MSI package that you have created?

What email? Just the .msi?

Please attach the ISM file. I will try to create the MSi file and see what the problem is.

You can attach a file in this community and I will be able to download it.
Here you go...

I would like for it to configure rights on both C:\WINNT\Installer & C:\WINNT\Temp to full for everyone if you will and create a My Backup folder in the AllUsers\Documents folder so that its available to all users.

I tried with AdminStudio 5.0, ISM was created with no errors and the MSI installed fine without any errors.

Which version of Developer and AdmiNstudio are you using?

Are you running as the Administrator in the machine?

What MSI error number are you getting?

I am using Admin Studio 3.5. I stand corrected, it does build but I got a warning that the project doesnt contain any files. It still doesnt do what I want it to. If I install it, it doesnt create the My Backup folder in All User\Documents nor does it set the rights properly for the user that installed it. When I install it as a User (member of users group) it installs but when I check C:\Winnt\Installer or C:\Winnt\Temp, the user still doesnt have rights to those folders. I've installed it both as Administrator and User.

Please try the attached MSI package and let me know what MSI error number you are getting.

What did you change? I can install it, it creates the my backup folder and it appears that it sets the rights on both C:\Winnt\Installer & C:\Winnt\Temp although on one of my test machines C:\Winnt\Temp was still inaccessible by the "User" account.

Thanks for your help!

I created the MSI with AdminStudio 5.

If you can send me the MSI package that you created with AdmiNStudio 3.5, I can determine what is different and let you know.

Is there a variable I can use that would apply to ALL USERS on the local machine (File and Directory Lock Permissions)?