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Repackaging using install monitoring.

Can anyone tell me how this works?? I have tried it loads and i can only seem to get it to create the inc files. does it not copy the complete needed files too? Everywhere says that it is the best method, but i cannot get it to work? what did i miss?
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Thank you for your question about the InstallMonitor method. The snapshot method, which you're familiar with, basically works by taking a before and after picture of your OS, then comparing the two, and making the difference part of your package. By comparison, InstallMonitoring watches the installation, and any "new" files are put into the package.

I'm not entirely sure what is going on during your repackaging attempt, but what _should_ happen is that the InstallMonitor should be running your setup program, then after doing some calculations, it should put you back into Repackager with a ready to build project. Upon (successfully) building the project in the Repackager IDE you should get your MSI.

If that's not happening, then please post some more details about what is happening and we'll go from there. Hope this helps.
As mark mentioned InstallMonitoring monitors the installation and creates the .inc file with all the setup information. This .inc file contains the path to all the files the setup installed.

When the inc file built to create ism/msi files, that time it includes the actual files into the Repackages setup.

Pls. let us know if you need more info.

Rajesh Tammana
InstallShield Software Corporation.