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AdminStudio 5 Conflict DB

By Level 11 Flexeran
Level 11 Flexeran
We've just upgraded to AS 5.0. We had to update the Conflict DB schema to version 5, but upon performing this, we are now unable to import ANY MSIs generated using AS3.5!!!??
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By Level 11 Flexeran
Level 11 Flexeran

I don't have enough information to provide an proper response to your question. At a minimum, I need to know if you are using Access or SQL Server. I will instead try to walk through the most likely scenarios.

I will assume that you have successfully gone through the non-destructive database Upgrade process. The Upgrade process will log it’s every operation in a output window and a log file. The Upgrade process acts by identifying MSI, associated MST files, and MSM files from the AdminStudio v3.5 database and reimporting them into the new database. If the any of these files or associated transforms can not be located within your network, then the import of those MSI packages will fail. You should review the Product view in AdminStudio ConflictSolver v3.5 to identify any MSI packages with broken file links and correct them before proceeding with the import.

You next need to consider issues of security privileges if you are using SQL Server and/or disk space. The Upgrade process will by necessity create a new database. Once the database has been upgraded, if you are using SQL Server, then AdminStudio offers tightly integrated security within SQL Server. You can check you current privileges from the ConflictSolver v5.0 Catalog menu – User Properties item. You need to have certain privileges to do most operations within ConflictSolver v5.0 including importing packages. You can change these privileges from the Workflow Catalog menu – Security item.

Finally, ConflictSolver depends on certain support files such as schema.mdb and ISCMMsi.xml to operate. I don’t know how you installed AdminStudio v5.0 and/or uninstalled AdminStudio v3.5, but we need recent versions of these files.

Allen Saxton
InstallShield AdminStudio Development