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Repackaging Trueview

Hi All

I am attempting to repackage Trueview 2015. Wondering if anyone else has managaed to repackage this

I have manually installed the pre req VC++ Direct X and MSXM16 prior to creating a new package. The repackager runs and allows me to install the application. However after selecting Done on the Installation Monitor there is no progress on the repackager window.


(2) Replies
We have "repackged" TrueView 2015 with DesignReview 2013.

But we've made a InstallShield Suite Project from the msi packages.

We had problems with the "setup.exe" control program from autodesk.

So we decided to use the individual msi packages and create our own control with a IS suite. Runs in our environment in silent mode.


Hi Markus,

Thanks for this. Not looked at it for a while but will give it another go this week