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Repackager error when using a template (.ist)

I am receiving the following error when using a customized template:
Checking version of template file ""
Upgrading project file to current version
Upgrade failed.

That is it. No other messages or errors. The log file contains the same information. Does this mean I have bad data within my template? I receive this error locally as well as running repackager remotely. Both versions are at SP2.
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If I am remembering correctly the last time I saw this it stemmed from using a project file (*.ism or *.ist) created with a newer service pack of InstallShield with an older AdminStudio/InstallShield release.

Try creating your project without a custom template, and check the schema version in the InstallShield table. Compare this against what's in your *.ist file and post what you see.

We had the same problem. You'll find it should work on the PC with the full client installation of AdminStudio but not your repackaging machine with only Repackager installed (either standalone or remote.)

Create the following key on the repackaging machine/s with the problem machine and it should fix it. (if you already have this key, and have a value set then you have a different issue.)

Path: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\InstallShield\16.0\Professional
Name: ProductSKU
Type: REG_SZ
Value:(get the value from the machine with the full AdminStudio install)

I raised this via Support on Jan 26th, but despite a number of 9.5 Service Packs that have come since its still not fixed.

Work order for the bug is: IOA-000053130.