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Problem with Repackager

We are now starting to have problems when building an ISM from repackager.

We are still investigating but it it's happening on different machine with different levels of AdminS SP.

With some captures the ISM failes to build due to registry keys probems even if we exclude them all.

With another capture it does not exclude any files or reg keys when creating the ISM.

Anyone else having any problems.

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There are two type of repackaging methods. Which one do you use?
My recomendation is always use "Snapshoting" method
I've tried both methods.
I've just uninstall the complete package and reinstalled the base install then going straight to SP3.

Now going to retry.

This did not work the files / reg keys are not being excluded

It sounds like you went through the repackaging process with AS 9.5 SP3 bits, and opened the Repackager project, excluded some items, and then tried to build the ISM and MSI. And the excluded items were not really excluded.

Could you make sure to hit the Save button in Repackager IDE after making your exclusions and before trying to build the ISM and MSI? Due to a bug in Repackager IDE, sometimes it does not use the newly modified settings when you build if you didn't save first.

Please let me know if this helps.
Thanks for your post. We normal don't save are changes but I'm sure I've checked both ways.

But I'll have another go, it looks to be only be a problem with some of the team?
Hopefully saving before building will be a workaround to the exclusion being ignored behavior that you are seeing.

As far as whether this always happens or sometimes happens, I am not sure off-hand.

Please update after you have tried saving first.
Saving did not seem to work. I'm now doing another piece of work so will try again shortly.
Just done a new package capture and it looks to be working fine.

I'm sure we get this sometimes where some packages just don't work ??