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Package feed module - update deployments for existing catalog item in App Broker?

Newbie question - for the AdminStudio package feed module, is there an option to update the deployments for an existing catalog item in App Broker? Using the example of chrome: We have a catalog item in App Broker (for chrome) that currently has deployments for version 'x'. Can the AdminStudio package feed module, when a new version of chrome is released (ex: version 'y'), then not only publish that newer version - but also update the existing App Broker catalog item to now deploy version 'y'(vs creating a new catalog item for the newer version). Thxs!

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Hi @Ralph_Crowley -

Thanks for your question. AdminStudio does not yet support this as part of the automation, but its a great idea to progress in the evolution of the Package Automation.

You can submit this to Flexera Ideas . Other AdminStudio customers can vote on this idea and you can vote on their submitted ideas too.

Great suggestion and we'd love to hear about more in Ideas!

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