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Package Click-to-Run Application

Has anybody ever had to package click-to-run applications?  Or is this even possible?

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Hello @mloftis

Click-to-Run refers to a technology that Microsoft has developed to deploy their Office suite to their end users. Click-to-Run utilizes both streaming and virtualization technology to accomplish this.  These methods don't work well for repackaging using AdminStudio or any other installation capturing solutions out there.

For configuring and deploying Office, you should look at using Microsoft's own Office Deployment Tool in order to download and deploy the Click-to-Run version of Office deploy to your users. 

In general, for any application with a complex installation process where the app's vendor has provided a tool to help with this complexity and support for enterprise-wide deployment, Flexera recommends you use those native tools that the vendor provides you.  For the 90%+ of enterprise apps that don't give you such a tool, you can turn to AdminStudio to help prepare these applications.

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