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after activating my adminstudio 2020 license on restart I have a message asking me to configure the server port. What is this configuration?
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Could you please let me know which type of Activation method you have used to activate Adminstudio 2020 and also can you share with me the screenshot of the message where it is asking for the server port configuration.



here is the screenshot and the activation is done by internet and validated as good. this message appears as soon as adminstudio is launched

Thank you for the update.

Could you please try activating it again by providing the port, and then restart the machine and let me know your observation, which will help me in understanding the issue whether the issue is happening only for the first time or every time.

Note: It should not ask for activation again if the product is already activated.



thanks but what is the port of the activation server?

Thank you for the update.

There are 4 methods using which you can activate Adminstudio
(Refer Attached screenshot"Activation Wizard" for more details)

1. Activate or Purchase Adminstudio.
In this method, we need to provide an Activation code which will be in the XXXX-XXXX-XXXX-XXXX format.
(Refer Attached screenshot"Activation Code" for more details)

2. Continue to Evaluate Adminstudio: We will use this method when we want to use Adminstudio in Evaluation mode without Activation.

3. Configure Adminstudio to get license information from a license server.
In this method, we provide license server details IP/Server Name and Port(27000)
(Refer Attached screenshot"License Server" for more details)

4. Configure Adminstudio to get license information from a license file.
In this method, we use a license file to activate Adminstudio.

Note: Please make sure you use the same method which was used earlier to activate.

The default port which will be used to activate with the license server is 27000

If you are still facing the issue, please raise a new support ticket to look into the issue further.

@shashikiran has detailed the four licensing options AdminStudio provides you when you first install the product.  As mentioned, select the option that corresponds to your licensing model, with majority of customers would license AdminStudio using Method #1 - Activation with Activation Code (which is found in your order confirmation or by logging into our Product and License Center.

More detail around  activation methods can be found in the AdminStudio product help, with the current version's info here:

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