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Merge Modules.

I am repackaging an old App that requires VB6 German runtimes. When I install it they are recorded by repackager but not included into the final ISM.

I know that the thing wont work without them. Ho do i manually include the MergeModule into a project?
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If you want to manually include the merge module, first open your .ism file in DevStudio/Developer. From there, you can go to the redistributables view, select your merge module from the list, and rebuild your project. It will now have the merge module included in it. If you merge module doesn't appear in the list of modules, then you can add it by right clicking in the list and choosing the option 'Browse for merge module..'
You may need to download certain language specific merge modules and save them in your merge module location.

here is the link to the german msms:

and in particular the german VB 6 runtime:

I have the merge modules and the path is given to the repackager.

what happens is: I repackage using the wizard and the end result shows that it found the vb6de runtimes in the system, but when I create the ISM they are no longer there and nor is the MM that should replace them. I am not really sure why this is happening?
I would double check that the merge module location where the vb6de.msm sits appears under Tools - Options - Merge Modules in DevStudio.

There is always the manual way as Mark JD suggested..
By Level 11 Flexeran
Level 11 Flexeran
Instead of specifying the merge module folder in the UI (tools-options), try modifying the options.ini to have the following entries:

AddlMMSearchPath=C:\Program Files\InstallShield\AdminStudio\5.5\DevStudio\Modules\i386

(or wherever the new MSMs are)

If the build is having trouble finding the MMs this may solve it.