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Learning Application Packaging and re-packaging

Hello Guys , I wish to learn application packaging and re-packaging on InstallShield since this is the most sought after tool in the market right now. I have worked on AS 2014 for 1 year in a Production project where we did Win XP to WIN 7 migration but that was long back in 2014. I want to once again come back to this technology and learn it myself since I cant get into any production project. Can you please suggest how should I approach this.

I have the Evaluation version of AS 2018 but I cant create MSI , MSP etc from that. it only creates EXE files when I do setup capture etc. Can you suggest me a better way to utilize AdminStudio and learn this technology in the best way so that I can get a good grasp on it.

Thanks and Regards,

Lokendra Singh

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By Technical Writer
Technical Writer

We have an Evaluation Guide and Files that are a good way to go through the features of AdminStudio ( We also offer a Getting Stared with AdminStudio training course (

To add to @tjohnson1 's reply, please know that the evaluation version of AdminStudio does have limitations to it.  You can find the list here:

The Learning Center that @tjohnson1 mentioned is a great place to go to view videos on the basics of repackaging with AdminStudio and get up to speed with using the solution.  We also have live, instructor-led classes that can help out further, whether or not you've have previous packaging experience.

I hope this further helps guide you further on learning AdminStudio.

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 I did the class back on AdminStudio 11 and didn't get much out of it as I don't use all those features; however, today I used the repackager in AdminStudio 2016 for an exe to msi and worked GREAT!!!!

I will be looking at signing up for the virtual class, but can someone confirm it will be with AS2019? I am installing that now to get going with it... then a few vacations but I'm going to setup soon for this...


Thanks for the feedback @Riggzie! I'm tagging in @smullins  who can help with your training question. 

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We are currently updating our classes for the latest version of AdminStudio. They should be updated in the coming weeks.