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Installshield Tuner and ISSscipt

So I'm using Admin Studio 9.5 to create a response transform for an .msi that doesn't require isscript, and when I apply the transform it then fails stating that isscript is missing or old. It makes sense to me that the newly created transform requires isscript, but what I don't understand is how I'm supposed to figure out which version I need. I can't find anything in the documentation relating to it and I've tried installing every version I can find.

Thanks in advance.
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Hi Justin,

You're mentioning that the MSI doesn't need ISSCRIPT, but nevertheless it is asking for it?

an MST doesn't need ISSCRIPT... the MSI needs it... did you overlooked something..
Check the MSI and look in the InstallExecuteSequence if there are actions like "OnCheckSilentInstall" or On... or IS...