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Installation Command Line Variable/Regkey to disable Customer Experience Program

Hi All,

As above, I'm looking to build a script to run a silent install of Adminstudio on a few machines in our network and one of the complaints has been the guys don't want to be prompted to participate into the Customer Experience Improvement Program/CEIP (I know right?!).

I haven't been able to trace any regkeys that change when I pick yes/no for the first time, so I was wondering if there is a command line variable like the 'installdir_shared' one for example that can be passed in during installation and deselect the CEIP?

Any help appreciated.

Kind Regards,

(2) Replies
no one has any idea about this one? any suggestions to point in the right direction? :confused:
The registry keys that control this appear to be under HKLM\SOFTWARE\InstallShield\AdminStudio\UserSettings. 1stRunCEIP, MemberCEIP, RemindCEIP. On my installation when I toggle the option in settings, it sets the MemberCEIP value to 0 to disable it.