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Hi there,
Im receiving an error from adminstudio version 6
when validating an msi -
'ICE57 Error Component 'ShortcutsComponent' has both per-user data and a keypath that can be either per-user or per-machine. http://dartools/iceman/ice57.html Component Component ShortcutsComponent'
ShortcutsComponent is the component that my shortcuts are associated with.
It is located in the registry under HKEY_USER_SELECTABLE I'm not sure of the functionality of this constituent of the registry.
The following is the entry in the components table:
ShortcutsComponent {D224A0EA-2837-4F6D-A0F7-C00134516FDA} INSTALLDIR 4 [empty] Registry_1848

The following is the entry in the registry table for Registry_1848:
Registry_1848 -1 Software\Shortcuts {A037FDB1-05E5-44B6-BB4E-18E12F737B6B} [empty] ShortcutsComponent

I unsure as to how to rectify this problem.
My allusers entry is '2'
Can someone shed some light?
Many thanks!
(2) Replies
First, check your shortcut. To which component there is binded? If it binded to ShortcutsComponent, re-bind it to component with file on which points shortcut. Then change shortcut to Advertise state. Then remove registry entry from HKEY_USER_SELECTABLE, and at the end, delete ShortcutsComponent from project. Build and validate.
You get this problem when you have shortcuts pointing to a file in e.g. program files, and the shortcut is not advertised. There's usually an ice 43, iirc, as well. If that's the case, just ignore it.