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ICE03 resolution?


I have built an .msi file for an application as follows.

I used Repackager to build an .ism file that I then imported into InstallShield 2010 professional. I worked through the customisation in IS2010 and successfully built the MSI. However, when I ran the Full MSI Validation Suite I received (among others) messages such as the following

ICE03 - Invalid Filename; Table: File, Column:FileName, Key(s): _gitignore

When I looked at the relevant key in the DirectEditor I see that IS2010 is upset about a file from the package called .gitignore and I assume that it is the short filename that has upset it since Repackager has given it a SFN of .git (which is invalid as far as I know) as follows


Now, I can make this ICE03 message disappear by changing the above to


but is this the way I should be dealing with this message or am I going to break something else further down the line. I'll never be deploying to a SFN system so I assume that I can just ignore these ICE03 messages but it would be nice to build an MSI that passes all ICE tests without complaint.

Any thoughts?

Best Wishes,
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The MSI help page for the Filename data type doesn't seem to explicitly forbid a short name that begins with a dot, though the ICE03 rule seems to have been programmed to reject it. Based on that, your approach of changing the short name part to FIXICE03.git seems valid...
I agree with Robert that your approach to addressing the ICE03 validation error is valid. Leaving this issue in the MSI package shouldn't cause any issues on systems supporting long file names - which is just about every system out there these days.

We have an issue reported for this with issue number 1-AWE2X.

Thanks for the prompt reply both.

Best Wishes,