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ICE 33 resolution


I have built an .msi file for an application as follows.

I used Repackager to build an .ism file that I then imported into InstallShield 2010 professional. I worked through the customisation in IS2010 and successfully built the MSI. However, when I ran the Full MSI Validation Suite I received (among others) messages such as the following

ICE33: Reg key Registry __ is used in an unsupported way. Extensions should be registered via the Extensions table. This entry may overwrite a value created through that table.

Clicking on the errors takes me to the directeditor and I see that it's related to registering the file extensions .odb and .cae along with the verbs that say what to do with them.

So, I try to fix this by following the instructions given here

Which involves adding stuff to the RegistryData_HKCR component (if I have understood the instructions correctly). When you build and test the result you get ICE19 errors:

ICE19 Error Extension: 'odb' advertises component: 'RegistryData_HKCR'. This component cannot be advertised because the KeyPath type disallows it.

So now I'm stuck. Can anyone advise please?

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You should add the File Type information to the component containing the associated executable file. Also, the exe file should be the keyfile (keypath) of the component. Then you can remove it from the Registry table or Registry view.

File Type Settings
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Thanks Ajay - prompt, useful replies as always. Took your advice and got a working project.

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