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How to configure MST to accept input variable?


I am new to the AdminStudio package solution.  We are a retail company with hundred stores and serial hundred registers.  Our vendor msi or exe applications expect user input of either the store number or register number within a store.  

How can I generate either a script or MST for the installer to simply put in the store number or register number for the package to run for a specific store and lane?  A silient install would be better by simply accepting the store or lane number once.

I want to thank you in advance to share your experience.



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Level 6 Flexeran

Hi Brandon,
This may be what you're looking for:


You should have Installshield available as a part of the AdminStudio Suite. Then take a look into a Response Transform.

You can also use the cmdline to pass in MSI properties if you know the Property Name.


The above link also mentions the switches needed for a MSI silent\quiet install.


Hopefully the above information gets you what you need.

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in what context? would this still be at the system level context? or can it be fit to set HKCU type entries? 

I have software that requires User level ID entries. Some are during, some are post.

Any help would be appreciated.

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It should run in the user context. So you should be able to write to HKCU. I have done limited testing and created a transform that wrote a key under HKCU.

The key did not initially exist in the registry tables of the .msi but was added as a part of the transform. Running the .msi with the Transform wrote the key to HKCU.


We hope that helps.

Thank you RESMDS

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