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Using InstallShield 6.0, we constructed our own GUIDs by taking the InstallShield GUID and appending a numeric profile id, to allow the installation of multiple copies of the product on the same machine, but only allow one copy of each profile. We would like to upgrade to InstallShield 7.0, but we need to construct the same GUID, so that the user can upgrade from their existing installation to the new installation. When we try to construct the GUID, we get an error that the syntax of the GUID is invalid. Is there a way to suppress the GUID syntax validation in InstallShield 7.0 or 8.0? We have a large existing installed base using these GUIDs, so we need a way to create new install images with the same GUIDs
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This is InstallShield AdminStudio forum.
You need to post your question to appropriate forum for that product.

Specifically, it sounds as if your question is about InstallShield Professional 7.0. Can you try posting the question in this forum:

InstallShield Professional Forum

You're likely to get a better response from the experts there.
I posted the issue to the Professional 7 forum on 8th. 15 views. No replies. thought I would try a forum with a bit more viewers. Sorry. If anyone can help, let me know.