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newbie question

hi all

here's my problem;

i've run InstallShield Repackager to create a new project, made a snapshot of my app installation, then clean the files and reg entries i don't want. so far, everything is fine.

but then, i need to run InstallShield developer to fine tune my msi file, but i'm not able to "build" it, the option is greyd out and not available.

so how can i go to the developer, change the required settings (like put msiexec 1.1 is the default engine) then save those settings and build or compile my msi file?

thank you all!
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You should have at least the .ism already built for the option to be enabled.
like i said, i'm a newbie.

how can i do that?

thank you.
sorry about that last post, i should have check before replying.

yes, i can see a ism file already there, but i'm still unable to build from the developer tool.

1 Launch the Repackager IDE.
2 Open the .inc
3 Uncheck the 'Create a Windows Installer ....' option under the Repackaged Output node in the RHS view.
4 Click 'Build' to rebuild your ism.
5 The 'Edit InstallShield Developer Project' menu will become enable. Click the menu to launch Developer.
ok i got it now, thanks a lot|