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Extract files location...

I have a vendor .msi that was built as a compressed .msi (contains all the files needed for a successfull install), is there a way to tell the msi to extract the files to a specific location from within the .msi on install?


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In order to uncompress the files you will need to an admin install of the MSI. You can do this by running the msi with the command line argument /a. This will perform the administrative install.
Paul M.,

I've tried that but get a message stating "incorrect command line parameters". The .msi is Symantec AntiVirus Client. I need to be able to specify where the files get extracted to.

Please help...

the command line needs to be msiexec.exe /a Package.
Somethings to check are "'s around the path and also check to see if there needs to be a space between the /a and the package.
I tried that and now get a message stating:

"The installation package could not be opened. Verify that the package exists and you can access it, or contact the application vendor to verify that this is a valid Windows Installer Package"

This package does exist and I can access it! It's on my local C:\Temp.

If that is the error that you are getting then it would appear that this MSI file doesn't have an admin sequence. You would need to use orca or a vbscript to extract the files manually.

Actually I was able to perform an adminstrative install but the result was basically the same. I was left with an extracted file structure and an .msi that was 3-4 mgs smaller but I still have the same problem. I'm now trying to see if I can get Symantec to send me an install that is .msi based but not compressed.

It would be kewl if Installshield had a tool that could take a compressed .msi and extract the files and create a setup and base .msi that would perform an install.

Let me know if this is actually available or if I'm just dreaming!?!?!

Thanks for your help,

Hi Bryan. Are you going to have Symantec Client be deployed via GPO? I don't know if you remember or not ..i told you that symantec removed that functionality ...i have no idea why. They have their own repackager tool that will create your customized msi but can not be deployed via GPO. I spent quite sometime trying to make it work. The msi alone can not be installed unless the system has IS7 driver. So i was monkeying around with creating an msi for isdriver.exe (installshield engine) that would lunch a child install of Symantec Client. It was working ok, only when the app was would not go away from Add/Remove programs. Let me know if you have another ideas of deploying this thing via GPO. We are still stock on Norton 7.6 Client.

We are deploying our applications using ZENworks! I was able to create a package using the Symantec Packager and then a ZENworks object that deploys the package.

Everything "appears" to be working fine now.


You can either add the ISengine merge module to the msi or edit the ISengine msi to publish and distribute this msi separately from Symantec.