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Does Adminstudio Repackager tools caputer or support Chinese language folder/ shortcut ?

Hello Team

I have got setup.exe (chinese language installer) which is a business application.

As a package standard, i made use of repack.exe tool to caputer the setup and convert into MSI file.

what we observed is (Product name\Shortcut\Folder) is not there in proper format.

Repack tool is unable to caputer the product name which was suppose to be in chinese.

Could you please let us know is there anyway to caputer the following folder, shortcut and required application information in required language.



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This could be package specific issue. Please report a support case with the details of the package you are trying to repackage for the team to look into the issue.

Please navigate to Get Support > Open New Case to report a new support case.


Hello kmantagi,

Thanks for a reply, we found silent switch to perform the installation and uninstallation

Hello Eskonar,

I am glad to hear you found a solution 🙂