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Does AdminStudio VM Need Hyper-V tools enabled?

HI There, 

we are setting up our Admin Studio VM to use AAC. Right now we are stuck with connecting to our box where the VMs are sitting. 

when we try the steps in AAC to connect to the VMs, we get an error asking to check that the username & Password is correct. We are using Windows Authentication and have double checked to be sure our accounts have access and that the box is reachable to the AdminStudio VM. 

I am looking for confirmation that Hyper-V tools needs to be enabled on the VM to ensure that our AdminStudio VM can connect to the box. 

attached are screenshots showing the error we get at the moment. Any advise is appreciated

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By Level 8 Flexeran
Level 8 Flexeran


There is no need to install Hyper-V tools on the AdminStudio machine to connect to the VMs in AAC. You are saying you are using windows authentication, could you please check the windows account you logged in as, has access to Hyper-V, to which are trying to connect to in AAC.