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Custom Rules for registry Conflict


I would like to know what clause I need to analyse conflict between keys which have the same value.
The ACE24 works only for the same key with different value.

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Hi There,

I think ACE24 should actually do what you are looking to do.

Here's the SQL Query it uses on the AdminStudio Database on the back end, pulled from:

C:\AdminStudio Shared\ConflictSolver\AceLog.txt


SELECT rs."RowID", rs.PkgRowID_, rt."RowID", rt.PkgRowID_, rs.Registry, rs.Root, rs."Key", rs.Name, rs.Component_, rt.Component_ FROM csmsiRegistry rs, csmsiRegistry rt, csmsiComponent cs, csmsiComponent ct WHERE rs.PkgRowID_ = 8 AND rt.PkgRowID_ IN (1,2,3,4) AND rs.Root = rt.Root AND rs."Key" = rt."Key" AND rs.Name = rt.Name AND cs.PkgRowID_ = 8 AND ct.PkgRowID_ IN (1,2,3,4) AND rs.Component_ = cs.Component AND rt.Component_ = ct.Component AND rs.PkgRowID_ = cs.PkgRowID_ AND rt.PkgRowID_ = ct.PkgRowID_ AND ( (rs.Value NOT LIKE rt.Value) OR (rs.Value IS NULL AND rt.Value IS NOT NULL) OR (rs.Value IS NOT NULL AND rt.Value IS NULL)) AND ((rs.Value NOT LIKE N'%]%') OR (rt.Value NOT LIKE N'%]%'))


Granted, I did this with AdminStudio 10; if you are using an older version, this may have changed. Can you confirm that this is the style of query you're seeing, and that it incorrectly returns no results?
Thanks for the answer.
I try it.

Could you tell me if we can create a custom Rules via the user interface of Conflict Sovler which can do what I asked ?

I tried it but the clause doesn't work.