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Conversion from Wise Package Studio

I am converting from Wise Package Studio, and looking for a quick understanding of some points. I am using AdminStudio Standard Edition. I understand packaging itself fairly well.

When I do a package capture, it seems fairly obvious that the same snapshot could be created as an MSI, or as a ThinApp or App-V package. Is there any value in buying the Application Virtualization Pack just to do captures? I mean, what do I get more than just using the ThinApp packager?

With the Standard edition, how would I do captures on XP and Windows 7 clean machines? Do I really need a separate license for each standalone package machine? It seems with AdminStudio (which editions I don't know) that I can automate the running of the packager on a clean machine. But if I just use clean machine snapshots in VMware Workstation, couldn't I just run the packager manually?

With Standard edition, do I need the database for the Catalog? I can easily create one, with SQL Express, but do I need it?

I am looking for a powerful but small scale implementation. What is the minimum infrastructure I need?

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Virt. Pack: gives you not only the power to create virtual packages through the Repackager , but also InstallShield editor and Virtual Package Editor ( So in every stage of the Application readiness Process)
Best one : you will have the AAC (Automated Application Converter which automates your packaging process.

Capturing: you do not need an additional license, Do NOT install AdminStudio on the clean Machine like you used to with WPS.
Just create a shortcut to the Repack. exe ( in the repackager folder which you can copy to a shared location)

Database: Standard edition does not work with a database. Starting with the Professional editon you will have the Application Manager with extend test possibilibities)

I would suggest:
- Fileserver (Share)
- SQL Server ( express can be used as well)
- VMWare ESX or WS or Hyper-V
with a couple of VM's to repackage and test ( 32bit OS for 32bit apps, and 64bit OS for 64bit apps)
- Client Machine with AdminStudio ( sufficient RAM)

see the releasenotes for the exact system requirements.
Thanks, that's very helpful. I installed the evaluation version, which is Enterprise edition, so it was not clear what I needed.

From what you say I will:
- Install Admin Studio in the base of my packaging workstation
- Use VMware Workstation as normal to run my multiple packaging machines (XP, W7 x86, W7 x64)
- No database, as it is Standard edition
- Look into buying the App Virt Pack

Good luck ..and happy Packaging 🙂