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Auto Application Converter uses the wrong image for testing

I have setup Automatic Application Converter, using local Hyper-V images, local packages (imported as files not from a DB).
My VDI's all have 3 snapshots. A repackager, a sequencer and a test with the client. This is all for App-V 5.

When I launch an App-V 5 package for testing, using the right click menu "Launch package For Testing", instead of using the snapshot "App-V 5.x Client Snapshot" my applications always go to the "App-V 5.x Sequencer Snapshot".

Does anyone else have this issue?

I have over a 100 App-V 5 apps I have to test and do not want to do each one manually.


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you can define each VM to be either for repackaging / Testing or both
Besides that , you will also need to use the correct naming per snapshot.

In the Properties window under Machine Settings, enter the name of this snapshot in the App-V 5.x Client Snapshot field.