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Combining multiple msi packages

Hello, I am a brand new user of AdminStudio 5.5. Is there a way to use AdminStudio 5.5 to combine msi files (without using snapshots)? If so, could someone point me in the right direction please? I saw on the product info page the AdminStudio can "Merge Multiple Packages into One", but after installing it and looking around, I don't see how to do this.

About us: We currently use IS Developer 7 to create basic (no scripting) msi installs. (We are in the process of upgrading to IS DevStudio 9.) We have multiple products and certain customers use several of our products. We have a customer that needs many of our msi files packaged with one of their msi files into 1 install. After talking with some of the guys at IS, it sounded like AS would help us provide a solution.

Is AS the right tool to use to combine msi files? If not, does anyone have any suggestions?

Thank you,
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When you repackage legacy applications, you can include multiple applications in the resulting MSI package. In the Repackager wizard, when you specify the EXE for your legacy application, you have the option of specifying multiple EXE files. During the Repackaging process, these will be installed sequentially and the result will be one package containing captured data for all of the legacy applications you specified.