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Bulk Repackaging Legacy Apps

I am in the process of migrating an old Zenworks 6.5 system to 10 and converting all the old Zenworks snapshots to MSI's.

I am attempting to do these in bulk using the islc.exe -Z"c:\appstoconvert.ini"

The ini file contains a list of the axt files to convert and the output type. This part works but some of these apps captured unwanted registry entries that cause the instalation to fail.

I know there is an exclussion list that will exclude certain files and registry entries. I thought I had found it, located under the Repackager directory there is a defualt.ini file that contains a list of files and registry entries to exclude. However when I added the key that I wish to exclude it does not get excluded durring the conversion/build.

I have over 500 apps to convert and I would like to do this in bulk if at all possible.

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Hi There,

Please check the AdminStudio Shared folder for 'ISRepackager.ini'.

You can edit this with 'AnalysisOptions.exe', which will pull the file from wherever you've pointed to for the shared location. This program is located where Repackager is installed to.

Hope this helps!
Thanks for the reply it works like a charm now.

However I have a new problem some of the apps are failing the build because some of the fil files are not getting copied over because of syntax errors.

Here is the error...

****Error copying X:\RM Easiteach\69.fil to X:\RM Easiteach\*COMMONDOCUMENTS\North American Content Starter Pack\7\Hit the Target.ett : Reason The filename, directory name, or volume label syntax is incorrect.

Any ideas on this?