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Auto App Convert: VM Err 4310 / 0x0035

New install and setup. Using Hyper-V (2010 Beta)

VM was created with Guest Agent installed, autologon enabled to a domain admin account. RDP and remote WMI verified.

The VM does start up from the snapshot, and the AAC Guest agent is launched.

"Error 4130 controlling virtual machine: Failed to connect to VM: 0x0035 (LE:0035 XE:0000 in CVirtualMachineController:Connect:165"

One part of the setup I am unclear about is the folders listed in the machine properties "Cache Paths". I found no instructions on creating/filling these folders on the VM. It probably isn't relevant, but wanted to mention it.

So what is 0x0035?
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Hi There,

I realize you said "Hyper-V" but the behavior you're describing sounds an awful lot like an issue that caused me some pain with VMWare ESX.

Basically, 0x0035 code was undocumented in the official VIX API reference, but I found references to it meaning that an invalid Data Store name was specified.

Which turned out to be true. If there is a period of time that goes by between importing the Virtual Machine, and attempting to use it, the data store where it lives (and the path to the VM stored in the project file) can change on you. The mismatch causes the undocumented error code.

I believe there is no such concept of data stores in Hyper-V. However, it is worth mentioning, since except for that it sounds exactly like what I ran into previously. Hope this pans out to be useful.

What are the Tecnical Specifications to install and Run the Trial version of Admin Studio 11? I'm thinking the same for the Regular version. I have a laptop with Running Windows 7 with 4 GB or RAM and 30GB of Disk space. Does the trial version of Admin Studio require Server 2003 or 2008 R2 for an OS and More than 25GB of Disk Space?