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AdminStudio and Developper8

Hi there.

I am a but confused by the 2 products:
- AdminStudio 3.5 and
- Developer Studio 8

Is developer 8 a subset of AdminStudio 8?

In its time, ISWI2 was shipped with Spy Netinstall. that was not brilliant for repackaging, but hey, that was a starting point. it seems that Spy is not part of Developer 8 anymore. The spy functionality seems to be into AdminStudio now.

Does this mean that we need to by 2 products to do what we did before with ISWI2?
Or is AdminStudio in fact Dev8 + Spy ?

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By Level 11 Flexeran
Level 11 Flexeran
AdminStudio 3.5 includes the latest version of InstallShield Developer (currently version 😎 as its authoring component.

Both AdminStudio Standard and Professional editions include Repackager, enterprise process workflow management, a complete MSI authoring environment (InstallShield Developer), MSI customization capabilities (Tuner), an application isolation mechanism, and simplified package distribution support. In addition, AdminStudio Professional includes InstallShield's powerful and robust ConflictSolver technology to detect and resolve application conflicts before you deploy them to your production environment.