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AdminStudio Package Feed Module

  1. what type of data is involved?
  2. can the template installers be trusted? 
  3. where is the service located?
  4. how is the feature activated?
  5. Who is responsible for these template installers? the Admin or it will be automatically installed from time to time from flexera to our adminStudio?

It would be much appreciated if someone can answer that. Thanks in advance!

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I am not sure I entirely follow when you say template installers.

Package Feed Module offers over 3200 complete installers across various products. The data includes - download links to the installer file, silent command line switches and detection rules. We keep adding more products and updating the installers to the new and latest version in Package Feed Module. For more information on Package Feed Module, please read this -


Dear @kmantagi ,

Thanks! That's really helpful. For the package feed modules which you referred earlier, may I know where does it located? For instance, if we were to install one of the module in our admin studio, where will the admin studio call to install the module. Correct me if I am wrong, if the data center located at Dublin, Ireland?

The reason we are asking this is to clarify how secure it is if we were to install a module outside of  our company's infrastructure. 


Package Feed Module is a component within AdminStudio. It gets installed along with AdminStudio, there is no need to install Package Feed Module separately. However, to activate Package Feed Module, you would need a separate activation code.

If your question is where are the packages in Package Feed Module hosted, then all the packages are hosted in our cloud, so they are in a safe and secured location.

Page no 28 of this document explains how to activate Package Feed Module -