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Agent installed on the test machine

  • How does the agent authenticate against AdminStudio?
  • how does Adminstudio communicate to the agent?
  • is it encrypted?

It would be much appreciated if someone can answer that 🙂

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AdminStudio does not have an agent. Could you please add more details to you question as to which agent are you referring to.

Dear @kmantagi ,

Thank you for your prompt reply. I will rephrase my question into "What is necessary to be installed in the Virtual Machine for the automated testing?"

From the infrastructure point of view, do we need to have a guest agent or package in order to run the testing? If yes, how does it work and how secure it is to have the guest agent/package install in the VM?

Thanks Kmantagi for your time.


You will have to run a small setup on the VMs, to prepare VMs either for testing or conversion. This setup enable VMs to communicate with AdminStudio. Here is the topic which explains how to run that setup to prepare your virtual machines:

Here is the help topic which explains Virtual Machine requirements: