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AdminStudio Infrastructure Layout

Disclosure - We have had AS Standard since version 11, but we ONLY use WiseScript. 
I want to get more into other features...


Looking to see if there is a document out there that shows a typical layout...

Right now I'm installing AS2019 onto a Windows 10 LTSC Machine (Win10 1809 enterprise LTSC)
It has SQL Express 2017
Not on Domain, no AV, no nothing other than:
install from ISO, disable firewall, disable UAC

Will this box be most of what I need, except for say another machine to remotely do "repackager" on to keep the main AS2019 box clean?

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I would like direct you to the following tutorial which will take you through the entire process of not just installation and setup of AdminStudio but also through some of the most valuable functionalities of AdminStudio.

Full Tutorial:

Within this tutorial, the following three sections will help you get answers to your questions:

It’s been some time this tutorial was made, so though it doesn’t specifically mention about Windows 10 as one of Operating Systems on which AdminStudio can be installed, be rest assured that AdminStudio is compatible with Windows 10 1809. In our test labs, AdminStudio was installed and tested on Windows 10 1809.

Since you have SQL Express already installed on the machine may be you want to skip the initial part of the video however I would still recommend going through the entire video, so you don’t miss on any of the configuration to be done on SQL Express like setting up the Instance ID, Collation, Authentication Mode etc


  • It is always recommended to have firewalls and UAC enabled on the machine to keep it secured. AdminStudio needs elevated privileges to operate. If you are logging in as an administrator into the machine, then disabling UAC should not be an issue, however if you have a standard user logging into the machine and if you need to have control over the security of the machine then it is recommended to have UAC enabled. On a Repackager machine, however, disabling UAC is going to be make monitoring and capturing of the installation better by giving Repackager access to the entire system. In case where you need AdminStudio to remotely operate Repackager, then you will have to disable firewalls on the Repackager machine.


  • In your case both AdminStudio and SQL Server are on the same machine, so having the machine not in domain will not cause any issues. However, in few production environments, SQL Server will be in domain and remote to AdminStudio and login user would be a domain user account, in such cases, it is recommended to have AdminStudio in the same domain as that of SQL Server so the domain user accounts can operate between AdminStudio and SQL Server with no access issues.


All in all, you box seems to be good to install and use AdminStudio.