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AdminStudio 8.6 - License has expired

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I downloaded the AdminStudio 8.6 just to take a look but when i install and then try to run and screen appear telling that "Trial License has expired" :eek: ... could someone give me another trial licence just to review the new aplication version?


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i encountered the same problems with the trials

if you changed the hardware (it's already enough to change perhaps the NIC or whatelse) on which Adminstudio was run before you can't install the trial on the same machine again

(at least i needed three machines for testing porposuses)

it's seems that even the trial version does some checking and "burns" a internal checksum on the PC
(like Windows 2000/XP and newer OS'es does, so called WGA) to avoid more than one installation of AS on the same machine

i also wasn't very amused about that. But in our firm we recently bought a "real" license and the problem was gone then.