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Flexera beginner

AdminStudio 2019 to 2019 R2 lost activation

so I have  a ticket in.. but wanted to throw it out there..


I had AdminStudio 2016 some rev on Windows 10 LTSB..

now that we are working on Windows 10 LTSC - I saw a new version of AdminStudio...

so installed a new fresh machine, installed AdminStudio 2019... been a few weeks and viola.. newer version. No worries.. haven't used this yet so cant break it...


so installed the R2, looks good.. fired it up and it said.. use key, trial, point to server, yadda yadda...


I gave it the key and it said.. congrats.. registered... then brings up that screen again and again and again.. let it go in, in trial mode.. so not talking license but said it did... 


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Flexera Flex-Jeremy

Re: AdminStudio 2019 to 2019 R2 lost activation

Hi @jeffrey_riggs , 

AdminStudio 2019 R2 uses a different activation code from AdminStudio 2019. You can find this activation in the Product and License Center under the licenses tab or hyperlink for AdminStudio 2019 R2. 

Using this new activation code should allow you to use AdminStudio 2019 R2.

Flexera beginner

Re: AdminStudio 2019 to 2019 R2 lost activation

Ahhh thank you very much. Will try that.


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