Block user access during install to anything during a package install

I have been working on a few packages that need to run System Admin and while the package is running the local user now has admin rights. What I am looking for is way to have something popup on the screen that prevents the user from seeing the desktop and access to CMD or the start menu. Does anyone have any thoughts or know of a way of adding something to the package that will do this?



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Re: Block user access during install to anything during a package install

Hello Eric - 

How are you deploying out the software? When an organization deploys software that requires administrative rights to install it, they'll have it installed using a system account with those privileges rather running it under the local user (since they typically don't have administrative rights). For example, deploying using a deployment technology like Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager the application install package is typically executed under the SYSTEM account.

Does the installer have some per-user settings that is requiring you to grant the local user admin rights for the purposes of installing that application? If so, there are some ways around that like using Active Setup; more info here (third-party site):

In general, there are some methods to provide a prompt to let the end user know that installing an application is currently going on and that they should not shut off their computer. One method is provided by the PowerShell App Deploy Toolkit, an open-source collection of PS cmdlets and scripts that specifically help in application packaging and deployment. AdminStudio supports quickly wrapping application installers using this toolkit too!

Let us know if that info helps or you can expand on your requirements here.

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