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Desktop shortcut behavior different from running executable directly

Why does the desktop shortcut cause different behavior than running the application (.exe) directly? There is a settings file within the directory which can be modified at runtime.

Running the app directly (double clicking the EXE) allows it to find and access the existing settings file in the app directory – the settings file is placed there as part of the installation.

Running from the desktop shortcut causes the app to re-create the settings file, as if the settings file is not found - though the settings file gets created on the desktop which is abnormal. It is like the application is running from the desktop instead of from the installed directory.

I have been trying to change from an 'advertised' to 'non-advertised' shortcut to see if that will help, but the option is greyed out.

Here is some configuration info. Any help would be appreciated.

InstallShield 2015 Professional - AdminStudio Edition
Visual Studio 2012 project
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Changing the working directory for the shortcut within InstallShield resolved the issue.
thanks for your share